“1C: Document management” puts your business in order

“1C: Document management” is not simply a document handling system, but also a modern, affordable ECM-system (Enterprise Content Management) with a wide range of functions, that lets you easily manage your employees, files and business process.

“1C: Document management” does not just organise electronic document flow, but enables you to establish business processes, control task performance, regulate management activities and improve overall efficiency.

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1C:Document Management will help you

Organize and structure your company’s data in a way that makes it easily cross-referenceable

Archive information quickly and access it quickly from wherever you are and whenever you need it

Eliminate paperwork and make whatever records-keeping you were doing via paper far more accessible and efficient

  • With “1C: Document management”


    • Managerial decision-making time is reduced
    • Updated information is always available, allowing you to deal with any changes swiftly
    • All tasks are recorded, and performance is controlled regularly.
    • Documents are prepared accurately and negotiated by employees on time
    • You can analyse company performance, improve management systems and much, much more

1C: Document management

  • User-friendly interface

    Quickly swing into your work

    Set up an individual desktop, using ready chunks of information (widgets), for example, current user tasks, department tasks (for directors), controlled materials, upcoming calendar events and more.

    Use system functionality

    Get fast access to all the documents, lists and reports that you need.

    1C: Document management. Dashboard

  • Document and file management

    Unify documents

    Execute documents to company standards, using document templates and forms with all the attributes that you need. Monitor adjustments to and versions of every document.

    Control the quality of document preparation

    Control the quality and timescales of document preparation, where hard copies are located, and the availability of original scanned copies.

    Scan documents

    Barcoding, scanning and recognition modules overprint documents, produce bar-codes and labels, provide data input from a scanner, automatically recognise pictures and PDFs, and switch them to text format for follow-up work and full-text searches.

    1C: Document management. Internal document

  • Document and file management

    Monitor correspondence

    Monitor correspondence with counterparties, automatically arranging the hierarchy of links between documents, including email history.

    Manage document flow

    Send documents for negotiation, confirmation, review and execution. Control operational discipline.

    Keep documents in order

    Keep documents archived according to file register.

    1C: Document management. Projects

  • Document and file management

    Use electronic signatures.

    You can sign documents, files, negotiation and resolution visas, etc. with an electronic signature, or encode any file. “1C: Document management” supports simultaneous work with several electronic signature providers.

    Save employee time

    Save employee time with rapid document searches using attributes and attached file texts. Search filters can be saved for reuse.

    Improve security

    Improve security, protecting access to document and tasks with user rights.

    1C: Document management. Business-process

  • Contract management

    Simplify work with contracts

    Simplify creating contracts, supporting documents and produce complete sets of contract companion documents, using templates and document links.

    Monitor contract flow

    CMonitor contract negotiation, signing and execution processes.

    Control performance obligations

    Control performance obligations and supporting document availability, and get notifications to remind you when to return copy contracts to counterparties.

    Screen 4

  • Processes

    Regulate operations

    Regulate operations by a business event, using unique processes and patterns, setting up tight document routing and tailoring process launch procedures.

    Simplify the procedure of allocating responsibilities

    Simplify the procedure of allocating responsibilities between employees to cover leave or business trips, for seamless operation.

    Screen 5

  • Processes

    Monitor the process hierarchy

    Monitor the process hierarchy; organise processes into chains and launch new processes based on current ones, building job sequences as you go.

    Receive reminders

    Receive reminders to complete tasks or notifications of upcoming deadlines.

    Evaluate employee performance efficiency

    Evaluate employee performance efficiency with key performance indicators, such as the number of deadlines met, exceptional performance, missed deadlines, and negotiation results, etc.

    Screen 6

  • Projects

    Organise project activities

    Get a document support tool for organising project activities and monitoring correspondence by a project.

    Manage projects

    Ensure compliance to project management procedures and communication between participants during the whole life cycle of the project.

    Control project task performance

    EControl project task performance and see an analysis of actual company project fulfilment.

    Screen 7

  • Events

    Arrange events

    Rent a venue and inform attendees of the place and time of the event. The system automatically checks staff availability using their personal calendars and suggests the most convenient time for all the attendees.

    Generate and negotiate event programmes

    Generate and negotiate event programmes, assemble the requisite materials, and introduce your agenda to your attendees.

    Record decisions made.

    The programme can create event protocols and control their execution.

    Analyse the effectiveness of your meetings.

    Analytic reports help you to estimate attendance at your events, their duration, and the effectiveness of executing the decisions taken.

    Screen 8

  • Calendar

    Schedule workloads.

    You can see all your most important tasks for completion, in different modes: “Day”, “Week”, “Two weeks”, “Month”, “Day schedule”. You can set up availability statuses in order to plan meetings and activities with other employees, and also set up notifications, which will appear as notes in your calendar.

    Screen 9

  • Forum

    Discuss any themes

    Discuss any themes, exchange ideas with your colleagues’ ideas about document content, events, projects and other formal and informal themes.

    Organise voting.

    Set up several response options and calculate poll results.

    Screen 11

  • Working hours

    Analyse employee time spent

    Analyse employee time spent, both for completing tasks and working within documents

    Overview project time outlays

    Overview project time outlays, either by activity type or specific project. Time spent working on them is automatically attached to all projects.

    Screen 10

  • Email client

    Work with email

    Work with email directly in the system (unconnected to other programmes and interfaces), using a choice of system mailboxes.

    Set up tasks by email

    Set up tasks by email, slot correspondence into document information and attach emails to specific tasks.

    Share system documents

    Share system documents with just one click.

    Screen 12


Integration with other 1C solutions

“1C: Document management” is integrated with other solutions based on the “1C: Enterprise 8” framework:

  • Managerial decision making time is reduced.
  • Updated information is always available, allowing you to deal with any changes swiftly.
  • All tasks are recorded, and performance is controlled regularly.
  • Documents are prepared accurately and negotiated by employees on time.
  • You can analyse company performance, improve management systems and much, much more…

Integrate with other systems, including electronic document flow systems

1C:ERP 2 ENG is as well adapted to serving the ERP needs of a few users in a small or medium sized business as it is to serving hundreds of users in a global enterprise.

“1C: Document management” source code is open

You can add to it any mechanisms for integration: additional web services that interact with other applications, additional data exchange plans with configurations based on the “1C: Enterprise 8” framework, mechanisms for interactions with other COM-technology-based applications, regulatory jobs for automatic email processing, etc.

Benefits of “1C: Document management”

  • Complies with national standards and the requirements of the following Russian legislation: 63-FL “On electronic signature”, 152-FL “On personal data”, State Standard 53898-2013, State Standard 7.0.8-2013, The Communications and Media Ministry’s Order № 221 (02.09.2011), Government deсree № 754 (22.09.2009) and others.
  • Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) certificate on “1C:Enterprise 8” framework.
  • Supports different operating systems, DBMS, browsers. Works even with poor Internet connectivity.
  • Configuration sourcecode is open and can be adjusted during implementation.
  • Ready for work in the “cloud”. You can allocate the system using private or public data-centres and give employees tailored access.
  • Free mobile client “1C: Document management”. Lets you access the system using mobile phones and tablets. Works with both iOS and Android.
  • Easily integrated with other systems. Create a single information space, simplify interaction between users of different systems and avoid double data input. Can be integrated with a range of corporate information management systems.
  • All the functionality you need in just one box. Without exception, and without additional payments for extra modules.
  • Methodical vendor support. Straightforward implementation technology, specialist certification and methodical user support.