1C:ERP 2 ENG – automation of finance accounting
and controlling of your business

Provides you with unmatched visibility and controls of your enterprise in CIS


When do you need an IT-solution for IFRS reporting?

  • If the company already generates reports in accordance with IFRS or corporate standards, but spends significant resources on this;
  • Methodology of the company (accounting policies, business processes, techniques for complex areas of accounting, analytical characteristics) is not described in full and does not meet the corporate standards or IFRS requirements;
  • If the company plans to generate reports in accordance with IFRS/Corporate standards, but have not yet decided on the software and approach to accomplish this task;
  • The company is international or has an English-speaking personnel.


How does it work in 1C:ERP 2 ENG?

watch demo

The following advantages of the solution are most important:

  • Flexible and powerful functionality which covers most of your needs as “out-of box” solution

    Rapid implementation of your own corporate finance accounting or most standard case based on our experience

  • Fully customizable and configurable by user without programming

    There no solid functionality or restricted settings – almost everything can be adjusted or configured according to your needs without programming. Especially, print-outs of corporate finance reports..

  • User friendly interface and quick access to the most frequently used functions

    The 1C:ERP 2 ENG system allows you to define your own workspace with all functions you need for quick access in 1 click!

  • Deep integration with other ERP modules

    The source business-data for financial accounting is stored in one place and available online for financial controllers!

  • Security and traceability of critical business-data

    The critical settings and accounting policies are only accessible for experienced user or administrator of the system. All changes are traceable and controlled by the system automatically.