We’re happy to inform you that new release of 1C:Enterprise 8 platform is now providing more technical features and increasing the attractiveness of the products based on it.

As it was announced on 24.07.2017, 1C company successfully completed technical testing, which сonfirms the compatibility of 1C Enterprise 8, with  Russian DBMS company Postgres Pro developed on PostrgeSQL base.

The new Postgres Pro feature will allow companies to choose between an expensive DBMS and more affordable  ones thereby increasing  companies IT flexibility and making it possible to implement modern  IT technologies quicker than before.

DBMS Postgres Pro is developed for highly loaded and critical systems for medium and large sized companies. The solution was developed in cooperation with the leading global specialists of the industry and based on open source code and free software licences.

The platform 1C: Enterprise 8 is cross-platform. It supports working on Windows, Unix, Android, and IOS platforms. In addition, it supports working with both commercial DBMS MS SQL, Oracle, and with products with open source code.

As a result, the flexible choice of deployment options including operating system and DBMS, the cost of ownership of a system based on 1C: Enterprise 8, per user, is 2-3 times cheaper than the offers of other worldwide vendors with comparable functionalities.

In practice, companies which are planning to implement or replace an old ERP system, or for those who have been using the previous versions of 1C products, the installation of a new 1C solutions will allow for making significant savings on the total cost of ownership for this enterprise software.

Our experience suggests that 1C solutions are most commonly in demand among representative offices of foreign companies and joint ventures, which operate within the markets of emerging markets: the CIS countries, BRIC countries, the Middle East and countries leading cross-border business with the CIS.

Since 1C:ERP 2 was released in 2013, 1C software is not only a readymade accounting software compliant with national standards of the CIS countries. In addition, it has the full functionality if finance ERP, with the capability of accounting according to IFRS.

The basic functionality of 1C:ERP 2 covers all key areas of business development:

  • Sales and Customers

  • Distribution and logistics

  • Project management

  • Personnel Management

  • Finance

  • Electronic document management

To bring 1C: ERP 2 to our foreign customers, our team has developed an English user interface.

In total, 1C:ERP 2 allows even small companies to quickly and within a reasonable budget, organize a digital space for employee interaction, collection and processing of business information, and integration with external systems.

1C:ERP 2 provides a real competitive advantage immediately, and continues to evolve together with the growth of your company.

Smart ERP Projects LLC is a team of specialists developing and implementing modern digital accounting and enterprise management technology, and is an official 1C Company partner. We specialise in the implementation of modern business software with an English user interface. Our experts have extensive experience in international IT projects, allowing us to offer our services not only throughout Russia and the CIS but also further afield with deep understanding of existing implementation risks such as sanctions.

If you would like to find out more about 1C: ERP 2 with its English user interface, we would be happy to offer you a free consultation. Please contact us by phone +7 495 374-61-58 or via the feedback form on our website.