On the 28th of October 1C Company hosted the 3rd annual 1C:ERP 2 business forum in Moscow.

On the 28th of October 1C Company hosted the 3rd annual 1C:ERP 2 business forum in Moscow. As usual the key topic of the forum was the implementations and improvements of the flagship 1C: ERP 2 solution as well as other 1C products and services.

The popularity of the event grows every year. The last year forum attracted more than 1100 participants from 670 companies and organizations, whereas this year it was attended by even more 1C customers, prospects and partners than in 2015.

During the forum 1C: ERP 2 users, including leading Russian companies such as AVTOVAZ, Sberbank, CTC Media, Interfax etc., shared their experience of business management using the solution.

The CEO of 1C Company, Mr. Boris Nuraliev and senior developers of the “1C: Enterprise” framework and the “1C:ERP 2” system also delivered their speeches, disclosing the practical advantages of the product implementation.

Since the last year forum the functionality of 1C: ERP 2 has been significantly advanced: a new edition 2.2 was released. The 1C: ERP 2016 forum became so called a platform, where users and developers can exchange their opinions on the innovations in the configuration and its further improvements.

The upgraded functionality covers almost all the modules of the ERP 2 system: planning, production management, procurement, sales, KPI monitoring etc. The compatible industry-specific modules were also released for 1C: ERP 2.2. For example:

– 1C: ERP Agricultural enterprise management 2,

– 1C: ERP Construction enterprise management 2,

– 1C: 1C:ERP + PM (Project management) etc.

If you would like to find out more about new functionality of the system, please, contact us. Our experts will be happy to showcase the changes and provide you with implementation services of 1C: ERP 2.2 in both Russian and English. Get in touch with us by phone +7 (495) 374-61-58 or via the feedback form on our website.

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