Smart ERP Projects introduces the main direction of its business activities in the EU

CEO of Smart ERP Projects Aleksey Nazarov makes his report on the main direction of business activities in the EU

26-27th of January 2019 saw Smart ERP Projects LLC taking part in the 1C International Partner Summit 2019 in Turkey, Antalya. As one of the pioneer 1C partners in the German market, we shared knowledge about the implementation of the most popular 1C-based software products:

1C: ERP 2 (Enterprise resource management)

1C: ERP 2 – a modern, powerful ERP/MRP/APS/MES-integrated system for smart enterprises, fully compliant with local legislation in most CIS states and simultaneously capable of handling IFRS accounting and reporting. The solution is available with a Russian/English interface and allows international companies to start controlling their business operations in the CIS in just 3-6 months!

As a next step for 2019, the 1C: ERP 2 solution will be localised for the German market, to cover the needs and demand of growing German enterprises situated in DACH and other countries.

1C: PM (Project management)

1C: PM – a 1C: PM solution designed to improve project management efficiency even for small and middle-sized companies, where resources are usually limited and decisions have to be quick and well informed: facilitating transparent and accurate planning and the successful allocation of resources between projects and tasks, identifying critical deviations/mismatches/bottlenecks, collecting source documents and project information, controlling the achievement of planned targets/deadlines and increasing the profitability of the business overall. Using the Russian/English user interface, international companies can control projects from anywhere, either on-site or remotely, with a range of deployment options. 1C: PM can be a separate system or a module integrated into 1C: ERP 2.

1C: DMS (Document management)

1C: DMS – a modern, affordable ECM-solution for middle-sized companies with specific document management policies. It not only organises electronic document flow but also enables you to establish business processes, control task performance, regulate management activities and improve overall efficiency. The basic version lets you:

  • manage document processing routines to avoid losing documents or versions
  • reduce search time for frequently used data and documents, and the total time spent on document processing
  • arrange document validation, coordination and approval processes for contracts, specifications, etc.
  • manage email communication with partners
  • plan workload and tasks, control and timesheet reporting
  • automate most of the daily operations for processing company documents

It can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or as a module integrated with 1C: ERP 2. In the latter case, the functionality of the DMS and the core ERP module can be merged smoothly. For example, a user will be able to create 1C: ERP 2 business transactions within automated process workflows in DMS.

1C: MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operating Supplies)

1C: MRO – a solution for automating the repair and maintenance of industrial equipment as well as asset management. 1C:MRO helps predict, plan and control maintenance work from inventory, staffing and economy perspectives. The module also can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or an integrated functional block of 1C: ERP 2 and includes a Russian/English user interface.

1C: TMS (Transportation management)

1C: TMS – it’s a fully-functional solution for managing logistics and transport enterprises, with real-time dashboards that simplify sales, order processing, dealing with customers and suppliers, inventory management, transportation tracking and customer care. Like the other modules, 1C: TMS can be a stand-alone solution or an integrated part of 1C: ERP 2. Both Russian and English interfaces are available for this solution.

ETL/BI (Business analitycs)

ETL/BI – this module helps international companies collect, transform and import business data from various data sources to prepare it for upload to the corporate BI solution. When using 1C: Enterprise 8 products for business units in the CIS, ETL helps not with collecting data, but can also translate it from Cyrillic to Latin symbols and make other useful source data changes.

If your company doesn’t currently have BI software, you can take advantage of the efficient, cost-friendly BI-portal offered by our partner.  The Russian/English interface is also available for this solution.


Bitrix24 –  a best-of-breed digital marketing and sales management solution for any B2B business and a quickly deployable cloud solution with an interface for integration with 1C: Enterprise 8. The rollout of Bitrix24 together with 1C: ERP allows you to create a fully digital lead generation, processing and sales management platform that smoothly integrates with the core ERP processes of your company.

Any company can switch from the old-fashioned method of only processing its incoming sales leads to a deep understanding of sales channels, customer investigations and transparent lead conversion to orders with all the accompanying efficiency indicators. The solution is multilingual and fully ready to use.

This product portfolio described above represents the practical experience of the Smart ERP Projects team, gained servicing international customers in the EU, CIS and all over the world since 2014.

If you are interested in learning more about the 1C-based products listed above, you can get in touch with our team for more information or apply for a scenario-based demo using our request form.

About the 1Ci Partner Summit

The 1Ci Partner Summit brings together IT experts from 1C international and its partners and developers to network, share ideas, experience and best practice. During the event, partners get a chance to find out more about new business and technological trends and insights from attendees and speakers from all over the world, with diverse project backgrounds.

Smart ERP Projects introduces the main direction of its business activities in the EU  Smart ERP Projects introduces the main direction of its business activities in the EU

About Smart ERP Projects LLC

Smart ERP Projects LLC is a team of specialists developing and implementing modern digital accounting and enterprise management technology, and an official 1C Company partner. We specialise in the implementation of modern ERP software with both Russian and English user interface. Our experts have extensive experience of international IT projects, allowing us to offer our services not only throughout Russia and the CIS but also further afield.

In 2017 our company takes part in the acceleration programme provided by The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), which is one of the top five most active seed funds in Europe. Within the programme, our team was completing an intensive training course around the development of our project, working together with IIDF experts.

If you want to find out about the benefits of implementing 1C: ERP 2 for your company. Simply leave us a request for a consultation over the phone +7 (495) 374-61-58 or via the feedback form on our website.


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