On March 26, 2015 regional seminar on the implementation of complex enterprise management systems in the economic downturn and the need to improve the efficiency of companies took place in Lipetsk (Russia).

More than 21 employees from 12 companies of Lipetsk region represented different business sectors (manufacturing, trade, services) attended this seminar.

During the seminar a group of experts from Moscow company “Smart ERP Projects” LLC and Lipetsk company “1C: Franchisee A-Soft” LLC presented information on possibilities of a new flagship solution – “1C:Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 2.0.”

This solution allows companies to achieve the highest degree of accounting automation and control, moving from a simple accounting of economic activity to the analysis of business information and operational and reasoned decision-making.

Therewith the modern economic software developings of Russian IT-companies allow to refuse from using of western software analogues because its functionality is not inferior to analogues and the price of Russian IT-solution is more reasonable for Russian companies.

The program of the seminar covered the following issues:

– Provision of timely and accurate information about the company to business managers
– Organization of the effective interaction loop with customers (CRM), including the use of electronic communication channels and mobile devices
– Implementation of automated planning models that provide a balanced enterprise inventory resource management
– Organization of a two-level production scheduling that minimizes risk of order failures and balances production resources loading
– Implementation of advanced approaches to cost accounting and calculation of production costs
– Provision of operational accounting and control of cash flow
– Building of models of different organization’s budgets and control of these budgets execution
– Use of different methods of financial evaluation of company’s performance, including IFR