According to the plans of the new 1C International company to launch a series of pilot projects in several countries, a new market for products and solutions based on the “1C: Enterprise 8” platform, Smart ERP Projects is prepared to face present and future challenges.

As it was announced on May 18th 2017 an important event took place – the parent 1C company published news about the launch of the new business unit – 1C International.

This enterprise will combine the resources and entrepreneurial potential of the 1C company itself and Sergey Andreev, the former CEO of company Abbyy, which has already built a successful business outside of the CIS states.

Already planned for the near future, under the leadership of Mr. Andreev, the 1C International will launch a series of pilot projects in several countries, a new market for products and solutions based on the “1C: Enterprise 8” platform.

In the next 5 years, Mr. Andreev intends to equalize revenues from foreign markets with the revenues from “1C: Enterprise 8” in Russia.

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As the first step of the new 1C International strategic plan, a first article in Bloomberg was published , which allows foreign readers to learn the milestones of the 1C company’s development in the CIS market, its plans and vision for the future.

As before, 1C: Enterprise 8 solutions allows growing companies to quickly introduce modern information technologies for automation of accounting and management, promptly responding to market changes and improvements in legislation.

In recent years, 1C company has released a line of new versions of popular software packages, which now covers not only the traditional accounting automation outline, but also allows to reach major  changes in all key areas of business development:

  • Sales and Customers
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Project management
  • Personnel Management
  • Finance
  • Electronic document management

It’s all thanks to the modern technological capabilities of the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform, which allows even small companies to quickly and within a reasonable budget, organize a digital space for employee interaction, collection and processing of business information, and integration with outside systems. 1C solutions provides a real competitive advantage immediately, and continues to evolve together with the growth of your company.

Following the trends of globalization and international integration, in 2014 our company released an additional English-language interface for 1C: ERP 2. This allows us to introduce and use the solution in non-Russian-speaking countries.

At the moment, the 1C company also offers an additional module 1C: Document management in English, and our specialists perform the translation of additional industry-specific modules for transportation, logistics, project management, and more.

It’s important to note that the cost of 1C licenses still remains in a comfortable price range. Even taking into account all the costs of project implementation, the budget for introducing solutions based on the 1C: Enterprise platform is often 1.5 to 2 times less than the implementation of popular Western systems.

For simple automation projects (roll out of standard version), the cost of licenses for one user can be as low as one hundred to two hundred USA dollars.

This difference in price becomes possible, given the fact that 1C company and its partners have accumulated a vast wealth of experience, in the market conditions of the developing economies of CIS countries, which required the search for optimal pricing and quality solutions, to flexibly follow the changing needs of customers on a growing market.

According to the IDC, 2-3 years ago the share of 1C projects in value terms was about 33% and was steadily growing. If you measure the proportion of implementations in quantitative terms (the number of licenses installed), then 1C solutions firmly occupy a leading position.

Over the course of the years of our company’s work with international clients, we’ve accumulated valuable expertise allowing us to optimally combine solutions of regulated accounting and reporting by local standards in the CIS countries, effective business interactions between employees of different offices, which may be located in entirely different countries.

For example, our clients have already assessed the convenience of working with primary documents simultaneously in Russian and English, as well as the possibility of parallel accounting formations according to Russia bookkeeping standards and international IFRS (or corporate) standards.

Now regarding endless reconciliations, the involvement of expensive consultants in the formation of IFRS reporting can be all but forgotten.

With 1C: ERP 2 solution, all key employees work online with the system, receiving operational and detailed information in its usual form. The management of a business unit in the CIS has never been more convenient and transparent!

We’re confident that 1C solutions and our experience in countries with developing economies  can be useful in solving your company’s tasks.

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