On the 26th of January 2018 Smart ERP Projects LLC took part in the First 1C International partner summit (http://summit.1cinternational.com/) in Antalya, Turkey.

As a part of global business development, 1C International company hosted the 1st international partner summit in Turkey. The popularity of 1C:Enterprise 8 software grows every year and more than 90 participants from different countries were attended the event this year.

During the summit the international 1C community shared their experience of business management using the modern and powerful business software across the world.

The CEO of 1C International, Mr. Sergey Andreyev and 1Ci team delivered their speeches, disclosing the practical advantages of the 1C-based product line, development and implementation technology, perspectives and market strategy for the next years.

In recent years, 1C company has released a line of new versions of popular software packages, which now covers not only the traditional accounting automation outline, but also allows to reach major  changes in all key areas of business development:

  • Sales and Customers

  • Distribution and logistics

  • Project management

  • Finance

  • Electronic document management

It allows even small companies to quickly and within a reasonable budget, organize a digital space for employee interaction, collection and processing of business information, and integration with outside systems. 1C solutions provides a real competitive advantage immediately, and continues to evolve together with the growth of your company.

Based on that, first international versions of 1C software already became a successful niche market players in USA, Vietnam and other countries.

The platform 1C: Enterprise 8 itself is cross-platform. It supports working on Windows, Unix, Android, and IOS platforms. In addition, it supports working with both commercial DBMS MS SQL, Oracle, and with open source products.

As a result, the flexible choice of deployment options including operating system and DBMS, the cost of ownership of a system based on 1C: Enterprise 8, per user, is 2-3 times cheaper than the offers of other worldwide vendors with comparable functionalities.

In practice, companies which are planning to implement or replace an old ERP system, or for those who have been using the previous versions of 1C products, the installation of a new 1C solutions will allow making significant savings on the total cost of ownership for this enterprise software.

Following the trends of globalization and international integration, since 2014 our company has worked on implementation of additional English-language interface for 1C: ERP 2  and servicing of international customers in CIS. This allows us to introduce and use the solution in non-Russian-speaking customers. But now we are ready to deliver the software abroad and provide professional implementation and support services in another countries.

To implement this strategy we plan to run our own project office in Germany and develop a localized versions of business applications for middle-sized companies oriented to utilization of modern, cloud-based and quickly customizable solutions.

We believe that starting from 1st event, the 1C International summit became so called a platform, where international consultants and developers can exchange their opinions on the innovations in the 1C-based software and its further improvements and open a great opportunities for cooperation for a wide range of IT companies across the world.

About Smart ERP Projects LLC

Smart ERP Projects LLC is a team of specialists developing and implementing modern digital accounting and enterprise management technology, and an official 1C Company partner. We specialise in the implementation of modern ERP software with both Russian and English user interface. Our experts have extensive experience of international IT projects, allowing us to offer our services not only throughout Russia and the CIS but also further afield.

In 2017 our company takes part in the acceleration programme provided by The Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF), which is one of the top five most active seed funds in Europe. Within the programme, our team was completing an intensive training course around the development of our project, working together with IIDF experts.

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