Smart ERP Projects LLC attend the Changes in Personal Data Protection Law in Russia workshop in IHK Dusseldorf

Smart ERP Projects LLC, an IT company experienced in implementing 1C:ERP and 1C: accounting software in the CIS-states, presented a comprehensive package of software and services to meet the requirements of a new Russian law (which will come into effect on the 1st of September 2015) to the international organisations taking part in the workshop event.

This special business event for German companies operating in Russia was held at IHK Dusseldorf on the 8th of July to discuss new and critical changes to Russian personal data protection law (242-FZ). It outlined new rules for handling personal data, its process and storage and the obligation to localise this process in Russia.

This new law will come into force in September this year, but up to now awareness from German companies with branches in Russia is still quite low. This could be due to possible ignorance from EU companies of this law.

The new personal data protection law touches almost all data storage issues, such as the storage of emails on mail servers, webpage harvesting of names and email addresses for newsletter signups, and of course HR and payroll business processes.

Any company can be affected and should take the opportunity to protect themselves using IT assistance – and a legal consultant to check where the law is applicable and what the real requirements for personal data protection are that need to be fulfilled.

Smart ERP Projects LLC offers a wide range of solutions based on our national-standard software 1C:Enterprise 8.

The 1C: Enterprise 8-based software is fully compliant with new regulations and can be used for the localisation of personal data and storage processes with minimal costs and the ability to keep the core business process in line with IT systems at company headquarters.

There are a few major options suitable for most companies:

  1. Reallocation of IT systems to Russian data centres and the implementation of adequate personal data security

  2. Check-up on HR and payroll processes and implementation of local 1C:HR and payroll modules (on-site or SaaS) integrating with IT systems in company headquarters abroad

  3. Localisation of customer personal data processing for various purposes such as e-commerce, trade portals, customer self-service, etc. using 1C:Enterprise 8 software.

  4. Implementation of full functional local 1C:ERP solutions that can cover the whole business process for local Russian subsidiaries.

We can tailor an individual solution to every scenario and we are happy to help overseas customers with these issues. For better performance and comfort we have an additional language pack for 1C-based solutions, allowing you to work with an English interface.

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