1C Company expands integration possibilities of 1C:Enterprise 8 solutions with the release of a new data exchange format, supported by most of the actual 1C-based applications.

1C Company, as a major software vendor of ERP and accounting software in the CIS-states, has released a special data exchange format: EnterpriseData. This data exchange format is now supported by most of the current 1C:Enterprise 8 platform-based software. This development is part of the evolution of 1C Company’s capacity for integration with external information systems.

The EnterpriseData format is based on XML technology and contains descriptions of all business objects presented in common 1C process flows, such as business transactions (documents, for example, customer orders) and catalogues (customer master-data). This special format is therefore very useful to business consultants and developers who may not be familiar with 1C-based software.


For non-1C software vendors who would like to integrate their software with 1C, this is an opportunity to reduce development costs and ongoing maintenance work. Previously, a data exchange interface between two different software products required the adaption of business logic and data structures on both sides. To address these issues, EnterpriseData can be used to guide the development of data exchange interfaces. 1C Company guarantees that the EnterpriseData format will be fully supported, including updating older versions of 1C software to the latest version.
The first release of EnterpriseData format 1.0.1 includes 94 business objects frequently used in 1C software, covering all the critical managerial accounting areas; sales, production, finance and logistics. 1C Company has also announced that the format will be expanded in the near future to cover almost all business objects. The EnterpriseData format can be used for internal data exchange between 1C-based applications or for the integration of 1C with external information systems. The format itself is universal and is not permanently dedicated to specific 1C-applications.

Currently, the following 1C-based products fully support the EnterpriseData exchange format:
● «1C:ERP 2.0»,
● «1C:Accounting 3.0»,
● «1C:Accounting 3.0 Corporate edition»,
● «1C:Retail 2.0»,
● «1C:Trade management 11 Basic edition»,
● «1C: Trade management 11».
If your company is looking for a modern solution for data exchange between local 1C and corporate ERP or other company information systems, then please contact us for further information on the EnterpriseData format (this information will be provided in English).

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