1C:Enterprise 8 – A Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform for creating or customizing business applications for small business, midmarket and enterprise clients.

Simple. Powerful. Reliable.

  • Cross-platform Applied Solutions

    Works with embedded DBMS and most commercial databases: MS SQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and Oracle Database. Runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems. Mobile support for iOS and Android.

  • Large Number of Specialized Solutions

    that extend the capabilities of the system on a single platform – ERP, CRM, CPM, ECM, MES, ITIL, MDM, WMS…

  • Powerful Platform for All Business Processes

    No matter how simple or complex they are for small, medium and large companies.

  • Open-source Applied Solutions

    Numerous ready to use solutions, code snippets and algorithms.

  • Business-oriented Programming

    Significantly accelerates the development and dramatically improves the reliability of applied solutions.

  • Single IDE for Desktop, Cloud and Mobile Solutions

    Single programming language for all types of applications – web, thin, thick and mobile clients. Embedded reporting engine and administration tools.

  • Intuitive User Interfaces

    Simple forms, same concept across all applications based on 1C:Enterprise. Easy to learn, easy to remember – for any solutions.

  • Easy Interface Customization

    1C:Enterprise has many settings which you can change in UI. Hide and rearrange command and fields, add related properties. You can make work as efficient as possible!

  • Powerful Reporting System

    Generating reports is fast and simple. Drill-down, grouping, sorting and filtering giving you full control of the reports output and appearance.

  • Cost Effective Ownership

    CEO will appreciate the cost savings afforded by 1C:Enterprise, which can be tailored to fit your needs while protecting investment during implementation, deployment and maintenance.

  • 20+ Years of Proven Success

    More than 1 million companies use 1C:Enterprise Platform. 1C Company ranked by IDC as one of the Top 100 vendors of Worldwide Commercial Software.on the workflows.

  • Complete Picture of All Business Operations

    By tying critical data from all parts of a company into one easy-to-understand database, business owners are able to quickly identify areas of strength, as well as spot looming problems before they reach a critical stage.

Does 1C:Enterprise sound like the right system for your company?

Let us know about your business requirements, current bottlenecks, development plans
and we prove the advantages of using 1C for individual development of business applications.

Main reasons for individual development with us

Design Your ERP/CRM With In-House IT

Even with limited IT resources, you can easily add fields, create forms, construct process workflows, write algorithms, and design reports that routinely require full-time application support or services engagements from your ERP vendor. Companies choose 1C:Enterprise because it delivers a platform with out-of-the-box-functionality accompanied by an unparalleled development environment that allows those with even basic technical knowledge to develop the system without risk, and quickly address business growth and change.

Deploy On-Premise or on the Cloud

1C:Enterprise can be deployed either on premise or on the cloud, with the ability to move from one to the other should your internal IT requirements change. Many companies choose to move to the cloud to achieve IT, infrastructure and hardware savings and other benefits. While other companies choose an on-premise system, whether it be based on the need for a LAN-based, system-to-system integration or to meet internal data security compliance objectives. Because 1C:Enterprise can be deployed either way, you can focus on more important ERP software selection criteria, like feature and fit.

Easily Integrate With Other Systems

1C:Enterprise’s wide integration mechanisms and service-oriented architecture gives it an inherent ability to easily integrate with any third-party front- or back-office system that’s already supporting your differentiated business model.

Easily Upgrade While Carrying Forward System Customizations

Everything that’s unique to you, from the simplest of fields to custom-developed apps, are kept isolated from the core system inside your site repository, allowing you to quickly take advantage of new features — without having to upgrade the ones you’ve already built. To calculate the total cost of ownership it is important to factor in not only the initial investment, but also the cost of future maintenance, support and upgrades. With 1C:Enterprise all these expenses will be lower.

Support for Growth and Expansion

1C:Enterprise gives you the freedom to support the complexity of your organization today and tomorrow, with it’s ability to support multiple databases across multiple business sites. Many companies who choose 1C:Enterprise are finding new ways to compete for their customers’ business, operating with complex processes in multiple market segments offering customized products and services. Right from the start, 1C:Enterprise delivers a data model capable of supporting global growing and changing businesses.

What we can offer your company?

What we can offer your company

  • Migration of your own business application to the modern development frameworkWe can contribute owr experience and man power to help to migrate from old development frameworks and build the new version of your own application with all advantages of 1C:Enterprise-based systems
  • Integration of your applications with 1C systems in CIS-statesIf you need to find the optimal integration solution, we always offer the variety of options based on modern technologies and our real experience in CIS-states
  • Development of individual or industry-specific ERP and CRM software based on existing functional templates and librariesYou can develop your business application with us 2-3 times faster and cheaper in comparison with similar .NET projects and other business frameworks
  • Localization of ERP/CRM/mobile applications to a different languages (CIS-states, East Europe, Arabic-states and more..)The ground localization technology and our experience allow you to reach your target in the easiest and cheapest way.
  • Development of mobile application1C gives a possibility to design mobile applications for different devices and platforms with incredible development process speed and simplicity of the process

Why our expert team?

Why our expert team

Last but not least, we put sustainability at the centre of consideration. Therefore, we look for long-term solutions that meet our customer’s requirements today and tomorrow. Every step is thought-out; by closely cooperating with our customers so they can keep track of the project at any point of time.

Our expert team has more than 10 years of experience in developing individual software solutions in CIS-states. We accompany our customers during the whole development cycle – starting with an analysis of the problem and ending with the acceptance test, and beyond depending on our customer’s requirements.

We meet challenging demands with well-established and latest technologies in order to provide our customers with the competitive edge they require. For us, technology is a means to an end. Therefore, we work non-proprietary – we do select the most adequate technology that fits the solution of our customer’s problem at its best.