• Accounting solution #1 in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan – more than 1.000.000 installations, 80% of the CIS market
  • 100% ready solution, legally-compliant with legislation in CIS – guaranteed!
  • Modern and powerful ERP functionality out of the box – best choice for quick launch!

What ERP software does your company use ​in ​CIS offices?

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Main 1C functional modules

  • Customer relationship management (1C:CRM)
  • Sales and distribution management (SD)
  • Retail management (1C:Retail)
  • Supply Chain management (SCM)
  • Material resource planning (MM)
  • Production management and planning (PP)
  • Project management (1C:POM)
  • Quality management (QM)
  • Maintenance and repair management (PM)
  • Fixed Assets management (AM)
  • Cost accounting and Controlling (CO)
  • Fiscal accounting and tax reporting (1C:ACC)
  • HR management & payroll calculation (1C:HRM)
  • Finance management & IFRS reporting (FI)
  • Budgeting and Treasury management (FI)
  • Document management system (1C:DMS)

Accounting software

1C: Accounting 8, based on the 1C: Enterprise 8 framework, is a leader on the market of business IT-solutions in Russia and most of the CIS States. Over 83% of all the user workplaces that control accounting and solve operative tasks run 1C accounting solution. This software is intended to automate fiscal accounting, preparation of statutory reporting for companies engaged in any commercial activities. 1C: Accounting is absolutely complient with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Functional features of 1C: Accounting 8:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Flexible financial reporting
  • Regulated print-outs (Russian)
  • HRM, Payroll and taxes
  • Account Recievables (AR) and Account Payables (A/P)

What is 1C:Enterprise 8?

1C:Enterprise is a system of applications that includes the Platform and Applied Solutions (off-the-shelf applications).

1C Enterprise is a system

How does 1C:Enterprise 8 work?

The difference between the platform and the applied solutions is simple: the platform, as its name suggests, supports all of the applied solutions. The platform essentially stands alone, whereas there are many applied solutions. 1C Company and their partners are constantly introducing new applied solutions.

The benefit of having such a platform is to raise the abstract level of the software system. The platform handles all of the tasks related to technological complexity, performance, ergonomics, and so on.

1C:Enterprise allows you to do the following:

  • Adapt the software system to match the users and experts’ specific language.
  • Speed up and standardize the development of applied solutions, as well as their implementation, customization, and maintenance.
  • Allow customers to see all of the algorithms of the applied solution and change them, if necessary.



Every industry sector places high importance on creating its own metrics and KPIs based upon an accepted set of basic measures.

Customers of 1C software in CIS-states

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